History of the B & B and
The Back Porch

703 North Main in Spearfish has been one of the most noted business locations for more than 100 years. The building is listed as a Historic building.

It started in 1906 when the First National Band built the brick and sandstome building and became the financial center of the community. In 1928 the buliding was purchased and the Nyal Drug store moved in. The adjoining buliding to the north was purchased by Buck Everhart in the mid 1940's and became a true Hamburger Heaven. two years later Bucktook in a partner, Buster Collete, and the legendary name 'B&B' was born. It was in 1948 when Lindy Goggel purchased the corner drug store and the adjoining building in 1951, creating the expanded B&B Bar. the north end of the building was turned into a beer hall and pool room, even sporting a well used snooker table. This facility was known as the Bottle Royal. A fire destroyed the Bottle Royal in the early 1960's. It was rebuilt and became a Department store and now hosts a restaurant.

The famed B&B Bar now stands on the corner of North Main.

The Back Porch has also been host to some of Rock & Roll's most iconic bands.

A few of the bands that have played the Porch include:

Head East

Iron Butterfly

LA Guns